Holly skydives ~ AKA The day my daughter jumped out of a plane!

The call came late in the morning. It was my oldest daughter, Holly, and she was excitedly telling me she was about to skydive. Now, to be honest, this didn’t come as a complete surprise. Holly was finishing up a six-month contract working as a Camp Carnival Counselor on the Carnival Valor and she was systematically checking off items on her Bucket List.

Skydiving was one of them.

“Mom, we are in Key West and I am about to do my skydive!”

Now, as a woman I am extremely impressed by this fearless approach to life my daughter has. As a mother … well, not so much.

“Holly, that’s great!” *supportive mom speak*

“Call me when you are done and tell me how it was! *so I don’t spend the whole day imagining you free-falling to your death*

It was the longest two hours of my life. But, when she called, I could hear it in her voice. That it that we feel when we conquer something great, that it that makes us feel truly alive, that it that keeps us seeking more. With her permission, here is her story.

Holly’s Skydive

Holly and her friends met up at Sky Dive Key West where their adventure began with a safety briefing. In about 10 minutes, they were trained in what to do when they first jump out of the plane and while they are in the air.

skydive 1

Instructions: When you jump out of the plane, hold your arms tightly in front of you. When you are tapped on the shoulder, bring your arms out. They would be told how to land while they were in the air.

After learning what to expect from their tandem jump, they were suited up with safety gear and sent off in pairs for the flight. Holly and her roommate, Kellie, were on the second flight. It took 20 to 30 minutes for the plane to reach her 2 mile high goal and the whole time, Holly just looked out at the view. Kellie went first and it wasn’t until Holly saw Kellie jump out of the plane that she started freaking out a bit. I guess reality began to set in.

“OMG, Bye Kellie! I love you!”

skydive 2Everything started happening so quickly that Holly didn’t really have time to think. But, she does remember that the scariest part of the whole experience was getting onto the step just outside the plane to position herself for the jump.

She did a quick wave to the camera …

skydive 3… and the next thing she knew she was tumbling upside down outside the plane.

skydive 4Arms in … tap on shoulder … arms out.

After about a 33 second adrenaline rushing free-fall to earth, the chute was pulled and the momentum slowed.

skydive 5In Holly’s words, “The view was amazing!”

So, would she do it again? Probably, but she has other experiences on her Bucket List that she would like to try first. She wants to get her SCUBA certification and she wants to go in an underwater cage and swim with great white sharks.

As a woman, I am quite impressed and proud of her ability to make her life’s goals happen. As a mother … well, let’s just say maybe she should wait and call me after the experience.

Note: Photos by Sky Dive Key West (clearly I didn’t jump out of the plane, too!)

5 thoughts on “Holly skydives ~ AKA The day my daughter jumped out of a plane!

  1. She should meet my daughter Jessie – who became a certified scuba diver at 14, raced cars with her Dad as soon as she got her learner’s permit, got a second degree black belt in TKD (from military guys who taught her how to hurt people not just Olympic TKD), and jumped off the bungee jump at the Del Mar Fair in 8th grade when everyone else came down (and then asked to do it again). If it’s high, fast, or ?? she wants to do it. I love how GIRLS are taking on the world in a big way. It’s just wonderful. I know Jessie wants to sky dive also… it’s only a matter of time. First came getting her degree in animation / graphic design from Northeastern U in Boston, we’re going in May for her graduation. You can see her work at jessiecontour.com, it’s fun to see people that are truly passionate about their chosen career areas (like you and Rod!) achieve. She’s going to be working at Turbine (games) in Boston starting in July.

  2. Oh, she is a far braver woman than me! And how cool that her guide is comfy enough with the process to take photos. I’d be too busy focusing on the distance to earth. 😉

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