Walt Disney World ~ Hollywood Studios

It used to be called MGM Studios. I have a hard time not calling it that. Though I believe Disney’s Hollywood Studios fits. But, the diehard fans from the 90s know what I’m talking about.

We spent our first afternoon here. Having just checked in to Port Orleans Riverside (and lazing half the day around in hammocks!) we were ready for the ‘Four Parks in Four Days’ whirlwind adventure to begin. Our time was tight and not a moment could be wasted.

What I love about MGM … er, Hollywood Studios … are the faux buildings, backdrops and ode to old hollywood and movie making in general. Living in Southern California, I have access to working movie studios, but the idea here is the same and the attention to detail is impeccable.  I am mesmerized by all of the potential for role play, drama, comedy and mayhem. So, let the mayhem begin!

We each took photos and videos on our iPhones during this trip. I have gathered all the footage together to create this trip journal of our adventure … offering everyone’s point of view. Hope you enjoy our trek!

Next up: Magic Kingdom!


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