Walt Disney World ~ Magic Kingdom

I am always excited to go to the Magic Kingdom. You would think I would concentrate on the other parks at Walt Disney World … you know, the ones we don’t have here in California. But, the Magic Kingdom still holds a draw for me, even though I am a diehard Disneyland fan.

It never ceases to amaze me … in fact, it even catches my breath … the sight of the Castle when I first enter the Magic Kingdom. Cinderella’s Castle rises 189 feet above the end of Main Street like a majestic cloud pushing up into the sky. I guess I am always expecting to see  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (like in Disneyland). She stands a mere 77 feet high, though her charm is unsurpassed! The Magic Kingdom, however, knows how to make a statement.

MKDirectly in front of the castle stands Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse themselves, welcoming and inviting guests to enter this magical place. The plaque under the Walt & Mickey statue reads:


We believe in our ideas: a family park where parents and children could have fun – together.

~ Walt Disney

I imagine, it’s a good thing … this shocked state of reality that happens when entering the Magic Kingdom … it  sets up how the rest of the park presents itself.

Husband Rod put it best when describing his first visit to the Magic Kingdom (and the shocked reality that it isn’t quite Disneyland), “It’s like they took Disneyland, threw it up in the air, twirled it around and let the pieces just fall.”

We love the Magic Kingdom, for all her differences, size and grandeur, and now we get to share it with two of our kids. And just as Walt promised … we were looking forward to having fun – together.

We each took photos and videos on our iPhones during this trip. I have gathered all the footage together to create this trip journal of our adventure … offering everyone’s point of view. Hope you enjoy our trek!

Next up: Animal Kingdom!

6 thoughts on “Walt Disney World ~ Magic Kingdom

  1. I happened across your WDE videos on youtube and I want to go with your family next time! lol. You all seem like such fun and the videos made me laugh and smile, I’m going back in December and cant wait! Have a great day and thanks for sharing your videos!

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