Walt Disney World ~ Animal Kingdom

Being from Southern California, the world famous San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park are what I continually compare other ‘zoo’ parks too … and usually they falter. Animal Kingdom, however, has captured my attention. It’s influence of real wildlife combined with amusement attractions is harmonious and pays great homage to Walt’s original idea of having the Jungle Cruise showcase real wildlife. Imagine how that would be.

Animal Kingdom is the youngest of Disney World’s parks, opening in 1998 it has evolved somewhat since I first visited in the late 90’s. Although, I admit, I missed the fantastical adventure of chasing poachers in the original Kilimanjaro Safari … I do appreciate Disney’s shift to conservation and wildlife care. The expedition moves around Harambe Wildlife Preserve, a 110-acre stretch of land devoted to animals and their ‘somewhat’ natural habitats. We saw giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, zebras, hippopotamuses, a number of deer-like creatures and an ostrich intent on nesting on the ‘curb’ of the rugged roadway.

Another main thrill for us was Expedition Everest, a Tibetan-style roller coaster hurling its way through the Himalayas … all the while being chased by a Yeti. It doesn’t get anymore thrilling than that!

We had a great time exploring Animal Kingdom.


We each took photos and videos on our iPhones during this trip. I have gathered all the footage together to create this trip journal of our adventure … offering everyone’s point of view. Hope you enjoy our trek!

Next up: Epcot ~ Future World!

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