Walt Disney World ~ Epcot Future World

The last park we visited was EPCOT … Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disney had a huge thing for technology, innovation and the future and that passion is quite prevalent here. I remember when the park first opened and how exciting it was that Walt Disney World now had two park options … Magic Kingdom and now Epcot. It became a favorite back then (early 80s) and still holds its excitement today.

Epcot is divided into two distinct sections, Future World (celebrating the advancement of technology) and World Showcase (celebrating the people of the world). We spent the morning playing around Future World. Here is where the majority of the rides are, with the highlight, for us at least, being Test Track. This fast-paced ride is fun and is similar to California Adventure’s Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land … though, I will say Radiator Springs Racers is beautifully themed and beats Test Track out by that factor alone.

We visited most of the pavilions … The Land, Mission Space, Innoventions, Imagination and Spaceship Earth, of course … and got a pretty good sampling of what Epcot’s Future World has to offer now. Playing around with technology … I had forgotten how much fun Future World could be.

We each took photos and videos on our iPhones during this trip. I have gathered all the footage together to create this trip journal of our adventure … offering everyone’s point of view. Hope you enjoy our trek!

Next up: Epcot ~ World Showcase!

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