WDW & Wrestlemania ~ The Road to Wrestlemania!

After months of planning, the time had come for the road trip to New Orleans and Wrestlemania XXX to begin.

We were enjoying Walt Disney World and got a much later start than originally planned. But when you have to finish a quest … you have to finish a quest (see Eating Around the World in my last post). So, sometime between 1 and 2 p.m. we dragged ourselves from tasty Epcot and embarked on our 639 mile trek (9 driving hours) to New Orleans. We would drive to Mobile, Alabama for the first leg, spend the night and finish with a 2 hour drive into the city the next morning. We were pumped.

After four Disney parks in four days … plus, a bonus fifth morning … we were ready to put our feet up for awhile.


Wrestlemania XXX at Mercedes-Benz Superdome

We arrived in New Orleans the day of Wrestlemania along with 75,000 other Wrestlemania fans. The city was packed and the excitement was high.

The boy who wanted to go to Wrestlemania XXX was now about to have his wishes fulfilled. The girl who had never been to Walt Disney World had a magical time and sore feet to prove it. And the parents who wanted to squeeze out one more big moment with their youngest two adult children were in heaven.

It was a family trip to remember.

Planes, monorails and automobiles … we had come a long way. Flying 2,141 miles from San Diego to Orlando, spending four nights in Walt Disney World, driving 639 miles to New Orleans … all this for a four-hour show in the Superdome.

Some may think this venture was over thought, overdone or even overspent … but, when I look back on the experience and the memories that were made … well, this trek was worth every penny.

We each took photos and videos on our iPhones during this trip. I have gathered all the footage together to create this trip journal of our adventure … offering everyone’s point of view. Hope you enjoy our trek!

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